Late Summer Into Fall Update

The 18th Anniversary of the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca
will be celebrated on November 16, 2019!

The library is coming of age and is maturing well. We are pleased to announce that the needed permits have been given and we are confident that our 18th Anniversary all day event, held in the Town Square, will be safe and a successful beginning of a new era. There are already several activities planned from November 9-17th and a group from the University of Maryland Libraries, librarians from Virginia and Colorado, and friends from Florida will be joining us to help celebrate our 18th Anniversary.

The Annual BP Matching Grant is Happening! 
October 5 to December 15, 2019!

We are still here, still moving forward, and still seeking your participation and support. It has been eighteen months since the call went out to help us stay viable for the long haul. Thank you all for being there for us. There is still a serious need but the future, still somewhat uncertain, has encouraging movement and hope as groups and organizations venture out and take up the business of going forward. We are pleased to announce our Annual BP Matching Grant will be accepting donations from October 5th to December 15, 2019. We will also be able to take year end pledges that can be included in the Grant. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and we need your help to stay viable in this uncertain period as things begin to flourish once again.
We are registered as Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All.
Please donate today with the PayPal or JustGiving buttons above
OR by check made payable to:

HJH Programs
1716 Del Norte Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538

Summer Grant Report:

We are very thankful to announce that our summer matching program topped out at $10,480!  This represents a little over 3 months of support for salaries, rent, internet, electricity, and the functioning of our mobile project three days of the week.  Thank you to everyone who helped keep us going this far.  Several longtime supporters wrote to say they would wait for the annual BP Grant so that we can have a better chance to make the matching numbers, so we are both grateful and encouraged.

New Exciting SJDS Library Venture!

The SJDS Library is starting a 3D Printer Makerspace!

The purpose is two-fold:

  1. Provide income for the library. The library will charge a fee for printing requested items and for future training classes.
  2. Provide the SJDS community with a manufacturing service.

3D printers will be used to help the community in different ways:
  1. Print replacement parts to make a broken appliance workable again, by having the part 3D printed!  An easily printed replacement knob, handle or screw can make a dust gathering item useful again.
  2. 3D printers can provide a creative, innovative individual with a business opportunity – designing, printing and selling 3D built items.

Library staff and interested clients can be trained to operate the 3D printers to manufacture needed/wanted items. The items will be built to customer specifications.

3D printing creates three dimensional objects. As long as the object is one solid piece, 3D printers can make anything one can dream up: custom jewelry, decorative door handles, shower heads, knobs of any sort, a unique cup or utensil, toys, game pieces, whatever one needs or wants! The fees generated by this venture will help support the library as well as cover the cost of the materials used to print the items.

Some examples of 3D printed items:

Our longtime  supporters and members of the HJH Advisory Board from the University of Maryland (UMD), librarians Lily Griner and Pat Herron are spearheading the 3D printer project and are bringing a group to Nicaragua November 9-18th to initiate the project. UMD Coordinator or Maker Technologies, Preston Tobery will teach a week-long class to library staff and interested entrepreneurs to create the needed/wanted items. A demonstration of the capabilities will be given during the Anniversary celebration on November 16th. Jill Gramling and I met with Pat Herron, Rosie Green and Preston Tobery in the UMD MakerSpace during the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Convention held in Washington DC in June. We were all very excited about the possibilities and thrilled with this amazing gift.

The American Library Association Annual Convention, Washington, DC. June 22-25, 2019

This was the first ALA Convention I have attending in three years. It was an excellent event that provided many renewed connections with Spanish publishers and touching base with old friends. Jill Gramling, Janet Lee, Caroline Zearing, Pat Herron and Rosie Green were able to meet and greet and use the time well. Attendance is always a personal expense but it was encouraging to be able to buy new books at excellent discounts, receive book donations, participate in the International Relations Round Table discussions and provide support for Janet Lee during the annual poster session, entitled “Global Solutions.”
Janet Lee is a recent Fulbright scholar and spent 10 months working with literacy projects in Ethiopia in 2017-18. She is a recently new member of the HJH Foundation Advisory Board.
Just one group of our many favorite Spanish book sellers.
There is always the delightful opportunity to visit a moment with favorite authors at the ALA convention.

HJH Foundation Receives $1500 Grant

The foundation has received a grant for a literacy workshop in Granada, Nicaragua from ILLCE an International interest group of the Colorado Association of Librarian (CAL.)

The HJH Foundation and the SJDS Biblioteca along with ANIBIPA will give a full day workshop on November 13th at Hotel con Corazon in Granada.  All of the Nicaraguan librarians, teachers, and early childhood workers are invited along with the returning US based Missionary and grass roots library projects.  The event will be free and donations of books that will support the curriculum will be available. This year’s Jump Start “Read for the Record” book Thank You, Omu!, Gracias Omu will be featured and activities and projects featuring the book will continue to be provided throughout the coming year. Google’s Internet Safety program “Be Internet Awesome” in English and Spanish is also one of the feature topics.  Members of our 3D printer team will take the day to join the workshop.  We see this as another encouraging sign of renewal and hope for the future as we are able once again to provide literacy programs.
Thank you ILLCE- CAL Interest Group!

A Note from Jane

The US State Department is still maintaining their level 3 warning for travel, but Canada, England and Australia have rescinded their warning levels in the past few months. Jill Gramling and I are traveling on Oct 20th to bring the needed supplies and the two donated 3-D printers to San Juan del Sur! This will be is my fourth trip and it is mostly to prepare for the many activities scheduled for November as we bring our first librarian and friends group on November 9, 2019. I have traveled several times through Managua and the planes were full, mostly of Nicaraguans but there were also surfers. There are surf boards and some mission group cases of supplies in the baggage carousels and it seemed that all was business as usual. I am encouraged by all that is beginning to move forward and I have no sense of danger or concern with traveling. Please take advantage of this Matching Grant opportunity to help us continue to a point where we will again be more sustainable and continue to provide services so very much needed and appreciated.

Jane Mirandette
President HJH Program 
Director, San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Y Movil