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In 2017, we initiated our first GRIP travel abroad program. GRIP stands for Global Responsibility Internship Program where young people, looking for a gap year service learning experience, can grow with our organization. The program started out with six girls from Colorado who participated in our curriculum focused on our Seven Aspects of Sustainability for seven months.

The program allows participants to do just about everything there is to do in Nicaragua while forming lasting, life-long relationships with other internees. The HJH program has a strong focus on service learning opportunities and responsible volunteer tourism. Students were able to go work on our mobile project each week, take Spanish lessons, work at a local bilingual school, go volcano boarding, spend time doing missionary work, cook community meals, learn how to surf, and go ziplining.

The Program:

GRIP focuses on the responsibility we all have as members of a global community. We focus on building relationships with the local people of Nicaragua and enacting sustainable projects to better the community. All GRIP internees create an independent service project that is worked on for the seven months they are in Nicaragua. GRIP students work in the library and go out on the Mobile Project that services 36 local schools three times a week. While in Nicaragua, the chances to travel to visit Ometepe Island, learning to surf by sea or volcano, and visiting the historic cities and museums throughout Nicaragua are numerous. The program is flexible and can be molded to fit each group of young adults that participates. The heart of the program is found in the readings that Jane handpicks for the group depending on the students who are enrolled in the program. These readings are centered around Global Responsibility.

The Housing: 

A condo located in the center of Hotel Villa Isabella will allow internees to live together comfortably and make family meals together. The condo is equipped with a full kitchen and is fully furnished, making it exceptionally comfortable. Villa Isabella’s staff becomes like family and GRIP participants have a unique chance to meet up with locals and tourists traveling through the area. The hotel has security at night, phone, internet, hot water and a pool to cool down in. Students room with one other GRIP member in the Condo if needed.

The cost:

The cost of GRIP depends on how much of Nicaragua students wish to see. Students pay for airfare, housing, food, electricity costs, and tourism activities. An additional cost is added for each student to participate in community service projects. Although the price of the project varies from group to group, the cost was about $4500 for housing and food and $4500 in curriculum fees

GRIP Program: While the unrest also halted our plans for the next GRIP there are plans for a 6-week summer Get a GRIP program which will include the highlights of the original programming in 2021. Inquire by contacting Jane Mirandette.