The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for all Foundation (HJH Foundation) has become a potent catalyst for the development of lending libraries and mobile lending library services in Nicaragua and throughout Central America. With its outreach emphasis on collaboration and global sustainability, the HJH Foundation has provided access to information, seed collections of books, training programs and a simple model for sustainable lending.

Lending books is a foreign concept in many areas of Nicaragua and throughout all of Central America. Collaboration with our “Library In A Box” recipients has helped grow the acceptance and knowledge of this type of education service. Together we can work to make lending libraries a common and well known place to enhance reading abilities.

Our Library in a Box Recipient Program provides the information and tools for success. The Library in a Box contains all of the resources needed to form a fully functioning, basic lending library that can be expanded and adapted to almost any project.

The HJH Foundation, together with the Nicaraguan Library Association (ANIBIPA), brought the ALA/IFLA worldwide campaign, En Tu Biblioteca, to Nicaragua in 2005 and continues to work with the 45, government-based, non-lending libraries that joined the campaign. Together with ANIBIPA, Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science Volunteer Program, the HJH Foundation host a series of workshops and leadership events held annually for librarians in Central America.

Seven Aspects of Sustainability

Over the years our Director, Jane Mirandette, has participated in several information sessions on creating a sustainable lending library in developing nation. The document to the right explores how community advancement is linked to strong leadership development, global awareness, educational empowerment, economic vitality, social equality, and environmental awareness. We believe that if one of these aspects is missing from a project then it will lack the long term stability that is needed for success.