The Library in a Box Recipient Program was the second initiative of the HJH Foundation after establishing the SJDS Biblioteca. The Library in a Box provides a seed collection of 50-100 books, a training packet, craft materials, and access to other library based activities such as games and activities to engage children in literacy and educational learning.
The HJH Foundation and SJDS Biblioteca staff offer mentoring, training and ongoing support to recipient libraries. Individual training programs are always available from our staff at our location in San Juan del Sur or at your location. 
There are currently 65 Library in a Box Recipient Programs operating throughout Central America providing grassroots literacy initiatives. Included in this number are service groups, church organizations, Peace Corps workers, and individuals who have created thriving libraries within the HJH Foundation’s Library in a Box Recipient Program.
The Program can be purchased, at cost, for $350. This fee includes a seed collection of 50-100 books and a list of materials is provided below. We also offer access to low cost books to be purchased in bulk.
The HJH Foundation, together with ANIBIPA, hosts a series of workshop and leadership events annually. There is always and open invitation to the Nicaraguan library network, members of ANIBIPA, Library in a Box Recipients, early childhood educators, and other literacy projects. All of these workshop events are free of charge.
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