On-Site Satellite Library Program

In 2015, with a grant from the Opportunity Tree Group of Boulder, CO. we began the process of initiating a small number of stationary mini-libraries that reside in a number of the rural schools served by the Mobile project schools. We initiated the project in two schools, Apataco, and Capulin. We now have 12 mini-libraries that have standing book collections, the books are lent to the students between monthly Mobile project visits and classroom reading time for students and  materials are made available for the teachers. The Grants from Opportunity Tree and the program is ongoing and in 2020 two additional schools will be added.

We have also placed small, stationary book collections throughout our community to further enhance access to books. We have donated shelves of books to Escuela Adelante, a bilingual school, and a bookshelf to Casa Materna, a maternity center, in the town of San Juan Del Sur.  

These programs offer children more access to books and allow them to incorporate reading into their daily school schedule. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to be able to make this project successful. On-site libraries provide children with increased access to books and further encourage the importance of reading.