The San Juan del Sur Biblioteca’s Mobile Project began in May, 2003. Three times a week, library staff and volunteers load bins of books into a pickup truck and, on a rotating basis, venture out to 36 communities surrounding San Juan del Sur. At each site, students and teachers are able to browse and exchange books. Reading, crafts, snacks, and educational activities are often provided to create an environment that encourages students to explore and take their education into their own hands. Many people wonder how a lending library system can work in an area that has this much poverty but we find that student are so excited to read that they will return their books just to be able to check out more. Since we started the program in 2003, we have had a 97% return rate at all of our schools.

As a regularly-scheduled community service, the Mobile Project serves as a vital link between remote villages and the town of San Juan del Sur. The project is actively taking steps to give rural residents equal access to public services. In addition to library and information services, we also provide medical and dental clinics, optometric services, and building improvements by partnering with international organizations such as VOSH and Rotary International.

In order to ensure the success and sustainability of our program, we only offer our services to communities who have asked for them. This ensures that we have the support of the school and the surrounding neighborhood. Over the years, we have had many communities contact us after hearing about our services from another school asking us if we can visit them as well.


We have partnered with the San Juan del Sur Rotary Club to provide sanitation installments (toilets, septics, water towers, and sinks), school uniforms, school supplies, and more. The Rotary Club has been able to provide these advancements to 22 rural schools the Mobile Project services.  See Rotary International for more information.



Communities Served by the Mobile Project:

Talanguera El Carrizal Barbudos
Las Marias Las Parcelas Capulin
El Baston Escamequita Sebadilla
San Antonio El Coco Genizero
Papaturro Collado Saragoza
Bernardino Tortuga Las Pampas
Las Delicias Ostinal Rejega
Ojochal Pochote San Jeronimo
Miravalle San Francisco Sapoa
Torovenado Maria Auxiliadora Cardenas
Azul y Blanco La Cuesta Apataco


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer on our Mobile Project or learning more about what being a volunteer is like, please look at our volunteer information page.