Leveraging the power of education and literacy to develop, support, and sustain strong leadership and economic vitality for local communities in Nicaragua.

Mission statement:

The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for all Foundation (HJH Foundation) supports sustainable community development and educational opportunities in rural Nicaraguan communities. Our public lending library and Mobile Project in San Juan del Sur, in collaboration with Rotary International and other service organizations, develop programs to strengthen local schools, support community development and leadership, and offer educational and trade learning opportunities. The HJH Libraries for All Foundation is a Colorado-based, tax exempt, charitable foundation that leverages the power of education and literacy to enhance community vitality.

Seven Aspects of Sustainability:

The HJH Foundation uses the Seven Aspects of Sustainability to create programs and to partner with other organizations that have the same goal. The HJH Foundation compleated a study and developed these aspects to determine if a project would be successful. The Foundation believes that in order to have success, it is necessary that the project considers each of the seven aspects of sustainability. We make sure that all of our programs are directly connected to these aspects.